Igniting the Spark of Hope and Resilience

As a Marine Corps Veteran and Certified Veteran Peer Specialist, Jim Cochrun has a true passion and immeasurable experience in Veteran outreach. In 2014 he had a glimpse of the greater vision that would eventually become Code VI Veteran Integration Center.

Ideas began to take seed and by late-summer of 2015, Jim had a much broader view of what he wanted to create for fellow Veterans, but at this point, the timing felt “off”. Through much prayer and brainstorming, he and his wife, Kate, agreed to wait and trust that the right time would present itself. Three weeks later, Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer. They both knew then why they were nudged to wait and for the next 9 months, they battled the disease together...and WON!

When Kate was officially declared cancer free, they took off with their daughters for a much needed celebratory trip to Costa Rica, where they fell in love with the best coffee they'd ever tasted! They brought home as much as they could pack and savored it over the next weeks and months. Not only was it smooth and delicious, but it held a very special connection to the hope, perserverance and resilience they'd found through their journey. They didn't know it yet, but that very same coffee bean from Costa Rica that would later become the base for their own private label, CodeVICoffee Resilience Blend.

In early 2017, the time was right. Jim applied for and received his 501c3 and founded his dream: Code VI Veteran Integration Center! 

In tandem, he and Kate also created CodeVICoffee.com, for the purpose of donating 50% of profits directly to Code VI Veteran Integration Center. Along with individual, corporate and institutional funding, this will provide resources for integrative, therapeutic and healing programs and services to Veterans and Families.

Join us in igniting the spark of hope and resilience! Pay it forward.

Drink Coffee - Change Lives